Interviews with the Thinkers and Tinkerers of the INNO-vation Program

Capturing the Elegance of Organic Movement Through Animatronics

Akira Nakayasu

256 silicon tubes are the driving force behind the squiggling and squirming tentacles found in UNEUNEWARAWARA Animatronics. But how did its creator, Akira Nakayasu, come up with such an idea?

Mobile Game Unkore Aims to Save Lives Outside the Doctor’s Office

Yousuke Ishii

The mobile game Unkore has its sights set on the early detection of colorectal cancer. In part 1, we discover how Dr. Yousuke Ishii came up with this strangely unique app.

The AI Point-Detection System that Streamlines and Optimizes Imagery

Takuya Ikoma

In part 1, we spoke with Takuya Ikoma about his development process, from concept to application.

Instant Liquefaction with the Fluidized Bed Interface

Yasushi Matoba

Yasushi Matoba’s Fluidized Bed Interface combines the sand-liquifying fluidized bed phenomenon with a mesmerizing digital interface. We ask him about its origin.

UDAR: A New Frontier in Electronic Instruments

Michinobu Uda

Michinobu Uda’s UDAR combines the legato sound of a violin with the chordal playstyle of a piano. In part 1, we ask him directly about UDAR’s development and conception.

Eyes in the Back of Your Head - The Suit to Perceive the Imperceptible

Mitsuhiro Matsumoto

Ultrasonic Sensing Technology Equips Ordinary People with Extraordinary Powers of Perception

The “Aquaman” of Japan

Yosuke Furusawa

Breaking down the barrier separating reality and fantasy by manipulating the movement of fish

“Soft thinking” – a camera to capture softness

Takahito Aoto

Dr. Takahito Aoto (University of Tsukuba) is working to develop a device that can measure the exact softness of materials without actually touching them

Chicks, Sex and Tech; How AI Could Revolutionize the Chick Sexing

Yusuke Nakano

Using AI to solve the growing issue in the chick sexing industry

VFX; inheriting the legacy of SFX from Japanese movies

Tomoyuki Miyake

At 19 years old, Tomoyuki Miyake is fascinated by Tokusatsu, a Japanese movie genre with high amounts of special effects, including Godzilla and Gamera and has been pursuing CG and VFX techno

A handy tool for easy, stress-free clinical examinations!

Naoki Ohmiya

Prof. Naoki Ohmiya (Chairman, Department of Gastroenterology, Fujita Health University) is developing a "magnetically-controlled whole gastrointestinal tract capsule endoscope"

Small fabric - big impact

Keiichi Torimitsu

Keiichi Torimitsu (Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University) is passionate about the lifestyles that pioneering, multi-functional fabrics will produce in the near future

Can an irresistibly lovable robot be produced?

Yoshihiro Sejima

The research interest of Yoshihiro Sejima (Associate Professor, Faculty of Informatics at Kansai University) is gaze communication and he is trying to create a robot with a twinkle in its eye

Reshape and Reprint: the Potential of a 3D Solid Knitting Machine

Yuichi Hirose

Yuichi Hirose, a freelance engineer, bets his life on development of the 3D solid knitting machine

From ancient Japanese martial arts to the creation of a sports robot that can communicate with people

Kazutoshi Tanaka

Kazutoshi Tanaka (a researcher of sporting robots) is busy developing a robot that can be a companion to human beings in a variety of scenarios

An “Incontinence” Entertainment Experience! A New Exploration of Senses Through the Simulation of Peeing Yourself!

Takayuki Kameoka

Takayuki Kameoka (University of Electro-Communications Master’s Program Year 2, Kajimoto Lab) transforms “incontinence experience systems” to entertainment content

Flying robot swarms at World Expo 2025, Osaka, after missing deadlines for the Tokyo Olympics

Takanobu Watanabe

Takanobu Watanabe (Waseda University, Professor in the Faculty of Science and Engineering) envisions a future of multi-point environmental sensing on a global scale

Media Artist Etsuko Ichihara’s Ambition

Etsuko Ichihara

Use Technology to Highlight Japan-ness

How One Young Scientist Developed a Semi-Portable CO2 Collection Device

Kazumi Muraki

Teen scientist Kazumi Muraki is working to create just about “anything” from carbon dioxide in the air.

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