Interviews with the Thinkers and Tinkerers of the INNO-vation Program

3D Printing French Cuisine At Nursing Homes

Kouhei Yamaguchi

Revitalising Gastronomy in the Elderly

Detecting Congenital Heart Disease Before Birth

Shinji Fuke

Minimizing Tragedy with a New Form of Diagnosis

Walking the Path to Lifelike Legged Robots

Hiroshi Maeda

Boardable Robots on the Horizon

A Fusion of Digital and Analogue – A Device That’s Hard to Look Away From

BB Korry

A Clock that Melts Away Time as You Watch it

BunCho – A Scenario Creation Support AI to Assist in Game and Novel Creation

Oosone Hiroyuki

The Perfect Tool for Writer's Block

Experiencing Disabilities Through a Developmental Disorder Mixed Reality System

Eiichi Miyazaki

A first-person insight into the difficulties many people face around the world

Quantum Computers - Shouldering the Next Stage in Computing

Yuichiro Minato

Working to a Quantum world from scratch

Regenerating Teeth and Bones With iPS Cells

Hiroshi Egusa

The challenges that arise when introducing iPS cell technology to dentistry

A New Approach to Supporting ICT Education for the Visually Impaired

Takashi Hasuo

Through his own experience and research, Takashi Hasuo is developing a new education approach for the visually impaired.

Yorishiro - Breathing New Life into Clothing

Shodai Kayama

Introducing a new combination of clothing and animation.

Syrinx - Bringing Back Lost Voices

Masaki Takeuchi

Helping those without their larynx speak once again

The Voice Shower – Bathe in a New Sensation

Tiger Lee

The “After School One-sided Love Delusional Inventor”

Living Room Bloom: The Solar Powered Flower Lights Up Living Spaces

Sonoe Hanazono

Sonoe Hanazono, selected for the 2020 INNO-vation Program’s Disruptive Challenge, had been working on the practical application of solar power’s beauty.

The Steth♡scope: Bringing Innovation to Telemedicine and Diagnostic Support

Shimpei Ogawa

The Steth♡scope goes beyond what you think of traditional stethoscopes, using AI to analyze EKGs and heartbeats.

AR Camera App ARama! Turns People Into Interactive Objects

Makoto Morishita

A fun and unique introduction to augmented reality.

Color-changing Unit Modules Put Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

Jun Fujiki

It's all a Matter of Perspective.

YouTube Channel Wasted Creation Breathes Life into Uselessness

Marina Fujiwara

When usefulness is optional.

Cinderella Technology – Understanding Mori

Yuka Kubo

Mathematically evaluating facial beauty in the eye of engineering

Keep Time the Low-Tech Way with The Self-Writing Clock

Kango Suzuki

The Self-Writing Clock is a low- technology karakuri device that carefully writes down the time without using any digital processing.

Analyzing Facial Movement Data with Earable, the Computerized Earring

Kazuhiro Taniguchi

Kazuhiro Taniguchi’s computerized earring earable can gather biological data about facial expressions and chewing habits through motions captured from the outer ear, eyes, and tongue.

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