The Voice Shower – Bathe in a New Sensation (Part 3)

Tiger Lee

Tiger Lee speaks about his career as an inventor
Interviewer & Japanese Writer: Yamamoto Takaya; Translation & Editing: Matthew Cherry
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Tiger Lee is continuing to plan a lot of new developments for his quirky Voice Shower. One of those developments is a potential collaboration with pop idols.

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“Most people probably haven't had the opportunity to bathe in their favorite idol’s voice, but I think bathing in these kinds of voices would help people become more invigorated and happier,” Tiger Lee excitedly explained. “I’m thinking I can develop something along those lines.”

The self-proclaimed “After School One-sided Love Delusional Inventor” is looking to further expand upon his delusions. Imagine if voice data was as easy to record thousands of years ago as it is today. It would then be possible to bathe in the voice of Cleopatra. If the Voice Shower existed 100 years ago, maybe we would have the Albert Einstein Voice Shower. Thinking to the future, what kinds of possibilities exist for those living 1,000 years from now? By recording the voices of eminent figures today, those living in the centuries to come will be able to bathe in those figures’ voices.

“It’s not just limited to famous people. If you record your own voice, your grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and even your great-great-grandchildren would be able to bathe in your voice. And if you bathe in the voices of people you have a direct blood relation with, it’s possible some kind of new sensation could be born,” Tiger Lee pondered while discussing the future uses of his device.

The Voice Shower isn’t the only dream Tiger Lee has for the future. In fact, he’s currently the inventor of over 200 different works. “When I’m making something, I make sure not to tell anybody until I have something concrete that I can present to the public. Even if I’m feeling a bit worried about it, I always look forward to the kinds of reactions I get when I show it off all at once,” Tiger Lee laughed.

When asked for a message for those thinking of applying to the INNO-vation Program, Tiger Lee responded with a smile. “I’ll refrain from calling it a message as that seems a bit presumptuous, but…”

“Try bringing out whatever’s tucked away in your mind. Showing and sharing it with others just may lead you somewhere you never thought possible. The Voice Shower started in the same way. I started by thinking I wanted to bathe in the voice of the person I liked, and I applied with the device I had made from my own hobby. I was told it was a little interesting and selected for the program, where I was able to speak with university professors and experts that I never would have been able to meet under normal circumstances. I was even given the chance to have this interview! Something amazing could happen by simply bringing what’s already in your head out into the open and applying to the program with it. I want to let everyone know that this could be a chance to experience a whole new world.”

Indeed, bringing out the ideas in your head just may lead to new encounters and open up a path to a brand-new world.

Tiger Lee

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