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In meetings, classrooms, and everyday conversation, understanding the types of people and the level of engagement they have in the conversation could be a crucial component of learning and development. With Hylable, this data is objective and actionable.


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Development of a Technology to Visualize All Kinds of Conversations by Focusing on Quantitative Information

2020 Disruptive Challenger, Takeshi Mizumoto

As global issues become increasingly complex, the importance of being able to solve such issues through discussions with people with different ways of thinking is increasing. In addition, in our everyday lives, we have conversations every day in schools, companies, homes, and so on. To realize rich communication through mutual understanding, the challenger has developed a technology for visualizing nonverbal aural communication based on auditory scene analysis and has provided it to schools and corporate training programs. During the course of this challenge, I focused on a more casual "drinking party" as a new application of this technology. We then created "Gamiel," a system that visualizes drinking parties and activates communication.  
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