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The Voice Shower
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The Voice Shower

2020 INNO-vation Disruptive Challenger

■The Voice Shower

Created an installation that allows users to bathe in "voices".

A speaker is built into a showerhead, where the user can shower in "voices" like they would a real shower. He examines how people feel and what effects they get from 'bathing in' or 'seeing' voices instead of 'hearing them', as one would typically do. Through this work, he proposes new ways of using the "voice" and its possibilities.



■ Experimental Proof

University brain wave experiments and expert opinion suggested that voice showers that have the voices of people we hold close relationships with can have healing effects and may even be useful for previously unsolvable medical treatments.

Tiger Lee

Tiger Lee

Inventor (After School Unrequited Love & Delusional Inventor)

■ In addition to over 200 inventions created, Tiger Lee also gives presentations and exhibitions.

■2018 - 2022: Regularly appeared on the TV channel NHK Educational TV (NHK E) as an inventor. He is also in charge of planning and devising many other segments of the channel. In addition, he participates in other shows to showcase his works. 

■ On February 22nd, 2022, the brand "The Kings Idea" was revived and Tiger Lee was selected as one of the leading idea creators in Japan.

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