Mimebots: the Perfect Blend of Hardware and Dancing

2016 INNO-vation Challenger

Shuhei Tsuchida is a researcher with a passion for dance. His work has led him to create a wide variety of different tools, technologies, and ideas that propel the medium of dance to whole new heights.


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Implementation of an Illusion Ball

2016 Disruptive Challenger, Shuhei Tsuchida

Recently, live performances utilizing robots such as drones and small humanoids have been increasing. However, although they can move in sync with a person, there is almost no real contact, and the robot itself is only a monotonous movement ( in movements and gestures), and it is inferior to the "skill" possessed by a person. In this project, we will develop a spherical LED display with a diameter of 1m or more, which can be lifted and has the "skill" of expressing unrealistic movements by illusion. Using a large number of moving spherical LED displays, prototypes will be conducted with the aim of realizing an effect that allows you to enjoy the unreal world with the naked eye.
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