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"Wasted Creation" YouTube Channel
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"Wasted Creation" YouTube Channel | Marina Fujiwara | InnoUvators

2019 INNO-vation Disruptive Challenger




Using digital fabrication & open source IoT technology, "Wasted Creation" is developing "useless" products as web content. Products created up until now are sharred on social media and feedback is taken from users/followers. By using technology in humorous ways, new possibilities of use and aspects of technology can be discovered effortlessly. Rather than using rationalility to develop new ideas, these products are inspired by emotions and desires of the individual - allowing for a new perspective in technology development. The overall goal is to explore a new index that connects technology with society.

Marina Fujiwara

Marina Fujiwara

Content Creator

Marina Fujiwara uses her keen sense of creativity to make seemingly 'useless' products to share on social networking sites. Her YouTube channel, 無駄づくり(MUDAZUKURI), meaning 'Wasted Creation', has amassed over 80, 000 subscribers, where she shares her artistic 'useless machines' to the world. Her work has been exhibited internationally and her videos have been viewed millions of times across the web.

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