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Time-writing Clock
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Time-writing Clock | Kango Suzuki | InnoUvators

2019 INNO-vation Disruptive Challenger



I first proposed the "Time-writing Clock," a clock that writes numbers and displays the time, in 2016. The Time-writing Clock uses the power of weights to write and update the time every minute. The work utilizes a completely new mechanism for a clock, where a magnetic board is used to display and modify the time and requires overcoming a number of technical issues. In this challenge, the goal is to utilize "Kakuri" technology to help provide a long term solution to the number of mechanisms found in the clock (such as, power, writing, erasing, etc.) The self-writing clock aims to use no electricity at all in the future.

Kango Suzuki

Kango Suzuki


Kango Suzuki was born in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, in 1993, and went on to graduate from Tohoku University of Art and Design in Product Design. He was employed as a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Engineer and has since begun freelance work as an artist.

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