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A Computerized Earring
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A Computerized Earring | Kazuhiro Taniguchi | InnoUvators

2014 INNO-vation Disruptive Challenger



Using ears that are said to be functional until the end, even if they are older or have a problem with their body, they say, "It's fun to use", researching and developing an earring-type computer that satisfies the following conditions: "Relax, take care of your health, and move your heart." At INNO-vation, we are studying a function that is not yet developed that can be mounted on the earpiece-type computer and that can be used to sense and control the human five senses.

Kazuhiro Taniguchi

Kazuhiro Taniguchi

Professor, Yasuda Women's University

Kazuhiro Taniguchi describes his most charming feature to be his 'big ears,' and his tech offers a place for your ears to call home. Considering ears to be one of the most important organs to have throughout your life, Taniguchi has applied his background of engineering to help build a smarter, funner, and healthier attachment for your ears, bringing an extra helping hand to one of our key senses.

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