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Steth♡scope Development
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Steth♡scope Development

2017 INNO-vation Disruptive Challenger

Stethoscopes are widely used in the medical field as devices to listen to sounds from the heart (hearbeat) and lungs (breathing). The "super stethoscope" is currently under research and development for the automatic diagnosis assistance function of cardiac diseases and the social implementation of remote auscultation, but it is an extension of the current conventional stethoscope. On the other hand, the concept of the proposed "Steth♡scope," or 'Super Stethoscope,' is a little different, and we will conduct research and develop prototypes to quantify the autonomic nervous system based on the loudness of the heartbeat and heart rate variability.

Shimpei Ogawa

Shimpei Ogawa

CEO, AMI / Physician

Shimpei Ogawa has worked as a cardiologist at Furano Association Hospital, Kumamoto University Hospital, Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital, and Kajiki Onsen Hospital, etc. 
In November 2015, he founded AMI Corporation and became CEO.
He is also an advisor to Kyoto University's entrepreneurship development program HiDEP and was certified as a talented individual within the 2017 INNO-vaiton Program by the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Jul. 2016: Grand Prize at the 2nd OMRON Cot Challenge.
May 2017: Grand Prize at the 11th KDDI ∞ Lab
Jun. 2018: Grand Prize, 5th Healthcare Industry Development Contribution Award
Sep. 2018: Grand Prize, 1st Healthcare Venture Knot
Feb. 2019: Grand Prize, 1st Medtech Grand Prix
Oct 2019: Japan Healthcare Venture Summit 2019 Venture Award
Dec 2019: 1st CYBERDYNE EXPO 2019: C-Startup Pitch Grand Prize

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