The Impact of an AI-Driven Chick Sexing System


Using a camera equipped with a hyperspectral imaging sensor, which can analyze a wider range of light wavelengths, this AI looks beyond what the human eye and existing cameras are able to see - analyzing never-before-seen data to sex chicks.


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Identification of Newborn Chicken's Sex By AI

2018 Disruptive Challenger, Yusuke Nakano

Though the automation of egg production has been progressing, skilled workers who separate male and female baby chicks are still essential. As the populations in Southeastern Asian countries such as India and Indonesia grow, so does the demand for low-cost, high-nutrition eggs accessible to a range of religious beliefs. Training specialists in this field has started to become a challenge. Expanding the production of eggs, which are a vital source of protein, will help realize the solution of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) #2: Zero Hunger.
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