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2016 INNO-vation Disruptive Challenger

By combining the animatronics technology used in movies and the like with the kinetic surface system, the creation of expressions such as CG images is realized. The feature of this technology is to pursue an expression in which a large number of constituent elements work together organically and beautifully. By linking this with a three-dimensional structure, a three-dimensional media having a dynamic expression is created. We believe that this technology will apply to robots, interfaces, and entertainment. --Development and application of soft actuators focusing on the expressive power of biological movements. Soft actuators are highly non-linear systems and are known for being difficult to control. On the other hand, if we focus only on the 'expressiveness' movement, it becomes organic and biological, making it is possible to realize a smooth movement seen difficult with a motor drive. We are working on the development of various systems to take advantage of these biological movements. Currently, we are developing a kinetic surface system and joint system, aiming to apply it to artworks and a ball-jointed doll drive. We are also developing a learning toolkit that allows you to easily use soft actuators in your own work. The movement of the soft actuator piques curiosity. We are aiming to develop a toolkit that can be easily used by children and to quickly create a wide variety of different things from their ideas.

Akira Nakayasu

Artist, Researcher & Educator, Tokyo Metropolitan University

Technology (Patents) Akira Nakayasu - Linear Actuator and Robot with Use of Linear Actuator, Japanese Patent Application 2020-12382 Akira Nakayasu - Three-Dimensional Motion Display Device, Illumination Device, and Method for Sending Information, Japanese Patent Application 2020-12383 Akira Nakayasu - Linear Actuator, Japanese Patent Application 2019-13412 Akira Nakayasu - Three-dimensional Motion Display Device and Method for Controlling the Same, Japanese Patent Application 2017-16491 Akira Nakayasu - Three-Dimensional Display Device, Japanese Patent Application 2017-164918.

Works, Awards

  • Tentacle Flora (2018)
  • Aesthetica Art Prize Longlist 2020、
  • SIGGRAPH 2019 Art Gallery、
  • ALife Art Award 2018 Special Jury Prize Luminescent Tentacles (2016)  
  • SIGGRAPH ASIA 2016 Art Gallery,
  • UIST 2016 Best Demo, Asia Digital Art Awards Exhibition 2016
  • Interactive Art Category Excellence Award Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Innovative Technologies 2016,
  • 1st Hakura Award VR Technology Encouragement Award, Montzukuri Bunka HAJIME ASAOKA Award

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