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Stickers coated with 100% natural formulations that extend fruits shelf life by 3-4 times longer

2020 INNO-vation Disruptive Challenger

An award-winning food and crop protection company developing and commercializing transformative technologies to combat global food waste, both naturally and safely. This technology has been shown to keep fruit fresh up to 14 days longer, helping shape a safer, more sustainable future in the food supply chain.

StixFresh stickers utilize a safe, all-natural, patent-pending formulation. The compounds making up this formulation work together in the vapor phase to create a protective layer around the fruit, slowing down over-ripening and spoilage during storage.

Conveniently, StixFresh stickers can be applied anywhere along the supply chain. Since the formulation is on the non-adhesive side, distributors and producers are able to feature their branding or barcodes on the stickers.

Zhafri Zainudin

Founder & CEO, Stixfresh International Sdn Bhd

An IT graduate with a deep interest in technology development and commercialization. He has been using and developing the bio-active microorganisms and feed additives for his research and validation project in ‘To scientifically prove that the utilization of EM can improve quality (both culturing water and end product) and productivity of farm-raised fish especially Walking Catfish’ that was held at Pusat Penyelidikan Perikanan Air Tawar, Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan. With his company, Trek Agenda Sdn Bhd, they successfully exhibited their Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) at MAHA 2008 and the responses from visitors were very unexpected.

Focusing on and combining his deep interest in technology development and commercialization, he incorporated Body Therapy Sdn Bhd in 2008 to explore the massive potential of therapeutic oil and successfully developed 'Energize Therapy Oil', the product has received a large demand and has its niche in the market nowadays.

Moving to more challenging businesses, he decide to explore more with his deep interest and patience, Zhafri with his team incorporated a research and development company, Stimulus Nature Resources Sdn Bhd with a motto, 'Nature Give Is the Future Technology', to develop a breakthrough product that has potential and a great future ahead. The company started to experiment with compound fertilizer (NPK) mixed with our active ingredients in order to provide good nutrients to soil. Started to test at the private rubber tree plantation. From tests and observations over two years at 5 different plots, it was found to help increase the yield of rubber latex from 50 -100 percent.

Currently, Zhafri leads Stixfresh International Sdn Bhd with a vision to become the Global Leader in Food Innovation and Standards For Global Sustainability. As a result, StixFresh Technology was born. After completing a few successful tests, he decided to make a sample prototype. In 2014, his 1st debut at the Berlin Fruits Logistica event with a version 1 prototype to gauge the market acceptance of the people in the industry. The prototype received positive feedback from the visitors. From there he and his team started the R&D to improve the product and completed testing with relevant authorities internationally. And now, StixFresh Technology is ready to move on to the commercialization stage.

Groomed to be a technopreneur, with his experience in innovative design and a deep interest in technological innovation, any task or assignment given to him is a challenge.

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