The Broom Guitar - Be a Rockstar While you Clean

2022 INNO-vation Challenger

We've all done it: cleaning and the music you're listening to absorbs into every fiber of your being and you fantasize about being a rockstar. Thanks to the Broom Guitar by Audiovisual Artist, Testuto Takahashi, your dreams and fantasies can translate directly into performance.


Meet the InnoUvator

Bringing the "Broom Guitar" to the World for Anyone to Play Like A Rock Star

2023 Disruptive Challenger, Tetsuto Takahashi

The theme of this work surrounds deciphering how to further connect people around the world to each other through the Broom Guitar, a musical cleaning instrument that combines sound and light to let anyone express themselves through performance arts.  At first glance, the device may seem like a simple broom, but the interior is equipped with numerous sensors that let the user create sounds just like a guitar. The device uses microcontrollers that employ algorithms based on music theory, allowing anyone to intuitively play, regardless of their previous experience with instruments. I was struggling with many hardships in life and found myself wishing to live as I did in middle school, pretending to play the guitar on a broom while chasing the dream of one day becoming a rock star. This led to the creation of the Broom Guitar. The Broom Guitar is designed to open people’s hearts, and I am convinced that it can be used to let people from all walks of life communicate through music, which is why I worked on developing a standalone model that anyone can play wherever they are. This will open the world up to a new type of musical non-verbal communication that transcends experience, nationality, and language.  
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