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The Solar Powered Flower, "Hikaruka"

2020 INNO-vation Disruptive Challenger

Similar to how plants undergo synthesis, the solar-powered plant generates electricity in its leaves, stores it in the roots and it glows at night when it blooms. 

Attached to the leaves are solar panels which efficiently generate power through light. This works even indoors and can use both natural light through a window or even artificial light. 

An illuminance sensor is attached to a leaf, when the room darkens at night, the flower blooms and lights up. When morning comes and the sun shines in, the flower closes and the lights go out. In other words, it functions as a nightlight. 

At the same time, as a plant-shaped robot, it is being developed so that people can enjoy a new form of communication that has never existed before.

For example, like taking care of a real plant, humans can give the device a "shower of light" to give extra electricity. Even if there is little sunlight on rainy days, the flower can still be made to bloom. 

In the future, the goal is to make the device more compact and foldable to deliver a bouquet of light to those areas without electricity. 

Sonoe Hanazono

First Class Architect / Plant Robot Creator / Fashion Designer

1967 - Born in Hiroshima

1990 - Graduated from the School of Science and Engineering, Waseda University, with a degree in Architecture

1992 - Graduated from the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Waseda University, Department of Construction Engineering (Nobuo Hozumi Laboratory)

1992 - Studied Glasgow School of Art in Scotland as a Rotary Foundation Scholar 

1993 - Architect at Izue Architecture Office, under Kan Izue 

1997 - President of Hanazono Sekkei Office

1999 - Start of 'Architectural Live Activities'!

    Open call on the homepage for architects to participate in a construction effort, with over 800 people from across the country coming together to build architecture. 

2011 - Started producing the "Solar Plant", a solar-powered system that mimics plants

2016 - Formed "11 deg. design" (11土design) with designer Aiko Matsumura, designing a variety from local souvenirs to spaces. 

2019 - First runway appearance at Hiroko Koshino Fashion Show

2020 - Began clothing production and design of "the smallest space to wear"  

2021 - Production of the Solar Plant  "Hikaruka," as part of the INNO-vation Program

2022 - Release of "T-Peace," architect-created clothes:

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