The World's Most Unique 'Smart' Coat Hanger - yorishiro

We get an incredible hands-on with a new take on coat hangers. This novel invention by Shodai Kayama has the potential to revolutionize how we shop and even could bring about a new wave of more interactive shopping that has never been conceived before.


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Yorishiro: Creating a New Form of Expression by Breathing Life into Clothing

2020 Disruptive Challenger, Shodai Kayama

A coat hanger-like device that breathes movement into clothing is currently being developed and implemented for use in society. This technology, with its formality, endearing charm, and quick movements can be used to bring out the hidden life that clothes already hold inside to create a new type of social robot or retail store display. Whether it’s commercial or private use, this product allows users to utilize their own creativity and uncover unique worldviews in their own everyday lives all while widening the bond between people and clothing.
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