The End of Dentures? How iPS Cells Could Grow Back Bones & Teeth

The worst thing about teeth is, barring milk teeth, you only get one set. Whether you are young or old, losing your teeth is something many of us face in the world and it can seriously hamper your self-esteem and physical appearance. Solutions such as dentures and implants are in place, but what if you could grow new teeth? That is what Dr. Hiroshi Egusa hopes to achieve in the future, we sat down with him to discuss the future of iPS cell technology and how it could apply to bone and tooth therapy.


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Bone regeneration therapy while avoiding iPS cell tumorigenesis

2019 Disruptive Challenger, Hiroshi Egusa

As Japan's population continues to age, the demand for regenerative medicine to restore lost or damaged bones continues to climb. Effective bone regeneration technology is also expected to be sought after for medical care on pets, such as cats and dogs, and racehorses with broken bones. I have been involved with development of regenerative medical technology used to treat the jaw bone reduction that occurs after losing teeth. I have established a technology to obtain artificial bone materials by freeze-drying artificial bones (bone organoids) made from iPS cells. This product not only exhibits higher bone regeneration and absorbency not found in existing bone materials, but due to the fact that it uses dead iPS cells, it's also expected to have realistic clinical applications due to its safety and low cost. Within this project, for the purpose of developing the technology for clinical uses and animal medical care, I will be working to strengthen the effectiveness of this product and verify and inspect its results.
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