The Super Stethoscope: Enabling Medicine at a Distance

The new field of telemedicine is ever-improving, with this stethoscope Doctors can take readings and observe patients from anywhere in the world and get a brand new and detailed insight to the inner workings of a patient's heartbeat.


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Steth♡scope Development

2017 Disruptive Challenger, Shimpei Ogawa

Stethoscopes are widely used in the medical field as devices to listen to sounds from the heart (hearbeat) and lungs (breathing). The "super stethoscope" is currently under research and development for the automatic diagnosis assistance function of cardiac diseases and the social implementation of remote auscultation, but it is an extension of the current conventional stethoscope. On the other hand, the concept of the proposed "Steth♡scope," or 'Super Stethoscope,' is a little different, and we will conduct research and develop prototypes to quantify the autonomic nervous system based on the loudness of the heartbeat and heart rate variability.
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