Capturing Clear Night Sky Photos Using AI

Using a point-detection AI system, motion correction, and Deep Neural Network (DNN) training, taking clear photos of the stars in the night sky may soon be a simple process. See how the AI works to process these photos to create vivid astrophotography.


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Astrophotography in Urban Areas with Deep Learning

2019 Disruptive Challenger, Takuya Ikoma

As a result of the high light pollution seen in the night sky of Tokyo, it is difficult to see many of the billions of stars in the night sky. Utilizing machine learning, this technology is able to visualize a "beautiful night sky" with very little effort of the user. As a result, the threshold for entry into astrophotography can be significantly lowered, it would also be possible to implement this technology into existing technology such as smartphones and cameras. This research hopes to improve the accuracy of the DNN (Deep Neural Network) model itself.
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