UDAR: The Revolutionary Handheld Electrical Instrument

UDAR is a unique handheld instrument that's easy to pick up and start playing. Created by Michinobu Uda, UDAR features over 430 pressure sensors to create a truly unique musical experience. Compact, light, and sleek, it's never been easier to have the musical world in the palm of your hand.


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UDAR: The Next-Generation Electronic Musical Instrument

2015 Disruptive Challenger, Michinobu Uda

Udar is an electronic musical instrument that has a simple interface and combines step-less pitch like a violin and chord performance like a piano. You can play any temperament from Western music to folk music. A practical-grade Udar has already been completed, but the production cost is high and this is a major hindrance to the development. In this project, in order to reduce costs and improve performance, we will develop the electronic musical instrument Udar whose format has been greatly changed. If Udar spreads, it can be expected to contribute to the fusion of Western music and other music and to the creation of completely new music.
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