Capturing and Converting CO2 Into Fuel

The amount of CO2 emissions in the air is a growing environmental concern, but what if that CO2 could be extracted and converted into fuel? Kazumi Muraki aims to do just that with his CO2-collecting tech Hiyassy. But he's not stopping at just the earth, Muraki also has his sights set on Mars, with various ideas and aspirations of one day colonizing the red planet.


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CARS-α: A Global Warming Countermeasure - A Machine Directly Recovering CO2 from the Atmosphere

2017 Disruptive Challenger, Kazumi Muraki

Even if the world stopped CO2 emissions completely, global warming can no longer be stopped. I saw these words as a junior high school student and was shocked. Although there are various theories on the issue of global warming, it is essential to change people's mindsets One at a time. Therefore, focusing on the key to climate engineering, "managing the climate of the earth through the power of science," I have been studying ways to control global warming on the individual level since junior high school. More specifically, I'm talking about the development of a device that directly contributes to CO2 reduction. Following this theme, we will first take on CO2 collection technology and then try to add some value to the collected CO2. By developing multiple prototypes using these technologies,numerically analyzing their effects and then sharing them through a network, we can raise awareness of global warming countermeasures on the individual level by representing them visually.
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