The Digital Shaman to Ease Mourning

The Digital Shaman is designed to help the bereaved find peace with the loss of a loved one. After data is given to the robot, the 49-day Buddhist transitioning period into rebirth begins, and families can continue to spend time with the dearly departed.


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The Digital Shaman Project

2016 Disruptive Challenger, Etsuko Ichihara

The "Digital Shaman Project" proposes a new form of giving condolences designed for the modern age of science and technology. This program, which makes home robots possess the physical characteristics of the deceased, appears on the home robot only for 49 days after death and disappears automatically after 49 days. In this project, we will improve the quality so that people can be reproduced with high accuracy by introducing voice synthesis, integration of life data using life logs, home devices, introduction of body data, and interactive behavior. Through the development of a series of systems, we will create a system that addresses the absence of someone important.
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