earable - The Wearable Smart Earring

earable is a computer-model earring that measures all kinds of biological information. Chew, blink, press your tongue and more to control this hands-free, solar-powered device. It comes in two separate designs, one based on a more traditional Japanese-style craft, and one laced with dazzling crystals.


Meet the InnoUvator

A Computerized Earring

2014 Disruptive Challenger, Kazuhiro Taniguchi

Using ears that are said to be functional until the end, even if they are older or have a problem with their body, they say, "It's fun to use", researching and developing an earring-type computer that satisfies the following conditions: "Relax, take care of your health, and move your heart." At INNO-vation, we are studying a function that is not yet developed that can be mounted on the earpiece-type computer and that can be used to sense and control the human five senses.
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