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A fluidized bed just may be one of the most innovative inventions ever created. A bed of sand mixed with a pump of air creates a phenomenon so unique, you would think it was CGI. Yasushi Matoba's research with fluidized bed's has created unique experiences in virtual and augmented reality.


Meet the InnoUvator

Development of an "Fluidized Bed Interface" Using the Fluidized Bed Phenomenon to Liquefy Granular Material


Visiting Professor, Department of Comprehensive Machinery, Monozukuri University Undergraduate Education and Research Cooperator, Faculty of Science Faculty of Science, Ochanomizu University Yasushi Matoba graduated from the Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Shinshu University, and went on to work at Honda Institute of Technology where he researched automobile materials in addition to operating a care facility for those suffering from dementia. In addition, he enrolled as a visiting professor at Monozukuri University. Matoba is researching a new interface to fuse the virtual world with real objects. He has won a number of achievements including exhibitions at ACM SIGGRAPH (Art Gallery,Emerging Technologies) and Ars Technica, and awards at events such as "Digital Content Grand Prix," "Interactive Art Award," the Laval Virtual Awards 2013 Grand Prix, the Asian Digital Art Awards Exhibition and Interactive Art Excellence Award category and the WBS Tray Tama (2013, 2017).

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