Viral video creator to Waseda University: the VFX Boy Genius

After releasing his viral video "2045," Tomoyuki Miyake has dedicated his youth into the pursuit of realistic VFX, as he entered University InnoUvators had a chance to sit down and learn more


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The Pursuit of Realistic Building Destruction Videos using CG

2016 Disruptive Challenger, Tomoyuki Miyake

I think "SFX" is part of traditional Japanese culture. Sci-fi destruction of buildings, but as video technology changes from special effects to CG, it is no longer easy to create destruction scenes, requiring complicated calculations by computers. I consider the trend itself a problem. However, since CG software is difficult to handle, creating a real destructive image requires a great deal of trial and error, which itself becomes the subject of engineering. In this study, the pursuit is the first task. The second task is to release the model data and processes created by solving the first problem in the form of making and tutorials, in hopes that junior and senior high school students will help to create CG images.
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