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We sit down with Kazutoshi Tanaka to discuss his inspirations from classic martial arts in his table tennis robot.


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A Humanoid Table Tennis Robot to Read the Movements of Humans

2018 Disruptive Challenger, Kazutoshi Tanaka

I want to create a robot that provides human security, secures human safety, supports human work, does housework, and can play with humans. In addition to the robotic technology estimating the intention of the human and predicting their next move, it also allows the human to estimate and predict the intentions and movements of the robot. For this reason, the challenge is to develop a humanoid table tennis robot that can read and interpret human movement based on interpersonal sports competitions in which humans read each other's actions. Here, the mechanical system and the control system that perform sports motion, the recognition system that predicts human motion, and the action system that makes humans predict movement are studied and integrated.
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