A Fusion of Digital and Analogue – A Device That’s Hard to Look Away From (Part 3)


Interviewer & Japanese Writer: Yamamoto Takaya; Translation & Editing: Matthew Cherry

BB Korry continues to work on all types of different inventions now that his time in the INNO-vation Program has come to a close. One of those inventions is the Digital Hourglass. Most hourglasses we know today work by flipping them over so that sand trapped inside a glass container can fill to the bottom after around three to five minutes. BB Korry’s Digital Hourglass brings this concept into the 21st century.

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With the Digital Hourglass, black sand falls down a board from eight different slots. The back of the board is equipped with magnets, and moving those magnets allows the black sand to collect and form digits, thus displaying time.

The Digital Hourglass in motion.

Just like the Time Melt Clock he upgraded in the INNO-vation Program’s Disruptive Challenge, the Digital Hourglass is another brilliant fusion of digital and analogue.

“Although the world is shifting in a more digital direction, I think people have more of a familiarity with analogue, which makes traditional items a bit more appealing. It’s through that familiarity that I find making analogue items digital and vice-versa to be incredibly exhilarating,” BB Korry said with a smile.

That’s not to say he’s only working on digital/analogue fusions. In fact, he’s continuing to work on bringing various ideas of his to life. The key, he says, is bringing the ideas about.

“Even though we’re starting to see the dawn of the AI era, AIs are not very good at producing new ideas. It’s important to have an interesting idea first and then get to work on it afterwards. If you can’t do it yourself, have someone else try it out for you.”

Creating one thing after another requires a backlog of good ideas. BB Korry spoke briefly about how he does it.

“I regularly go to home improvement stores to pick up materials for my inventions, but sometimes I make detours to places I don’t stop by very often, such as music stores. It’s not like I have ideas right there on the spot either, but by making these visits I gradually store up points of inspiration for my inventions. Stockpiling these experiences often leads to an epiphany months later. I could be working on something completely unrelated and suddenly have the thought that adding a piano mechanism could fit well into the invention.”

Unique ideas can be the connecting bridge to a wide variety of unique ideas. BB Korry is proof of that.

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