Why Perspective Changes This Artwork’s Color

This mysterious looking 3D object has the ability to change color depending on the angle you look at it from. Usually seen in 2D, Jun Fujiki has managed to apply this effect onto 3D shapes.


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Development of a Unit Module for Three-Dimensional Object Modeling Varying in Color due to Gaze Direction and Time

2016 Disruptive Challenger, Jun Fujiki

This is the development of a unit module device that presents different luminescent colors to the viewer according to the viewer's viewing direction and time. By constructing a three-dimensional object with this module device like Lego blocks, it is possible to model a three-dimensional object whose surface color changes according to the line of sight and the passage of time. This makes it possible to create new textures in navigation systems, digital signs, and 3D modeling that present different moving images depending on the line of sight. In this research, we aim to develop a module that plays the role of atoms that determine the intrinsic material properties of three-dimensional objects.
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