Cinderella Technology - Discovering Your Own Mori

From emojis to selfies, Japan is known for shaking up the way we communicate. Now say hello to 'Mori'. Mori represents a behavioral communication method amongst Japanese girls, and it just may hold the key to future communications technologies.


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Understanding Cinderella Technology's Visual Communication Among Women Using Selfie Image Analysis

2015 Disruptive Challenger, Yuka Kubo

In the real world, individuals are often protected by organizations, while in the virtual world, individuals are exposed and dangerous. However, there are many young women in Japan who have enjoyed a virtual world with few physical and social constraints and have created real dreams with success. In the old days, "Hiragana" was used in Japan and "Emoji" and "Selfie" have seen rise in the Internet age. Japanese young women have a track record of creating simple and universal communication regardless of the difficulties they faced. The task is to observe, model, and analyze the communication of young Japanese women who have succeeded in successfully crossing the virtual world and the real world from two approaches: fieldwork and data analysis on the Internet. We will extract the rules of their communication quantitatively and design a new communication technology that reconstructs them.
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