Solid Knitting Machine - Making Physical Objects Updatable

The Solid Knitting Machine is a new, innovative take on the classic craft of knitting. This machine is set to be improved and will soon be possible to craft objects based on inputted 3D data.


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Solid Knitting Machine - The Machine Which Makes Physical Objects Updatable

2018 Disruptive Challenger, Yuichi Hirose

Knitting is a digital fabrication method. It gives a single thread an inherently discrete property. It creates a whole object through aggregating each knitted stitch by organizing the way the thread is connected. With this feature, knitted objects can be copied with knitting patterns, undone to a previous state and updated from there, like software. Solid Knitting, Yuichi Hirose's original technique to knit something dense, can apply the discrete properties of knitting even to something firm such as desks and chairs. This project aims to develop the Solid Knitting Machine, a machine to automate Solid Knitting.
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