Preventive Medical Care App: Unkore

Unkore combines a mobile RPG game with preventive medical care. Take on bacteria and record your daily health patterns to equip yourself with items that help in battle along with information that could help you live a more healthy life.


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Unkore, an app utilizing poop and beautiful girls to help with early detection of colorectal cancers

2019 Disruptive Challenger, Yousuke Ishii

Currently, the three largest causes of death are cancer, stroke, and heart disease, which are all influenced by daily lifestyle habits. One of the biggest issues with lifestyle-related diseases are, 1. the difficulty of finding symptoms, & 2. even if treatment has begun, it could be interrupted due to poor symptom detection. This research aims to make use of entertainment, such as games, in combination with sensory devices to cast a wide net of support in the acquisition and maintenance of behavioral change in healthy living. With this proposal, we developed a range of games such as "Unkore," a game that requires daily input of defecation information to help give a rewarding experience for those who find it uncomfortable to consult a physician directly.
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