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The Self-Writing Clock

Gears, arms, and all sorts of mechanisms make up this intricately complex self-writing clock. Every minute the time is erased and drawn anew. You could say it's just like clockwork.


Meet the InnoUvator

Time-writing Clock

2019 Disruptive Challenger, Kango Suzuki

  I first proposed the "Time-writing Clock," a clock that writes numbers and displays the time, in 2016. The Time-writing Clock uses the power of weights to write and update the time every minute. The work utilizes a completely new mechanism for a clock, where a magnetic board is used to display and modify the time and requires overcoming a number of technical issues. In this challenge, the goal is to utilize "Kakuri" technology to help provide a long term solution to the number of mechanisms found in the clock (such as, power, writing, erasing, etc.) The self-writing clock aims to use no electricity at all in the future.
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