Born from INNO: 4 Industry Revolutionizing Innovations of the 2018 INNO-vation Program

These four innovations born from the INNO-vation Program could take each of their respective fields by storm, offering solutions to never before thought of problems.



See Our InnoUvators in Action

The End of Dentures? How iPS Cells Could Grow Back Bones & Teeth

2022/01/19 19:30

Dance Twitter Revolution | Wasted Creation

2022/01/05 19:30

Understanding Quantum Computers

2021/12/22 19:30

Passive Aggressive Business Card Holder

2021/12/08 19:30

The Next Wave of Innovative Tech: OPEN INNO-vation Livestream December 15th!

2021/12/01 19:30

Simulate Incontinence, Knit Your Possessions, and More | Wild Japanese Innovations

2021/11/24 19:30

Manipulating Nature With Technology in Unexpected Ways

2021/11/17 19:30

Reality-Bending App ARama!

2021/11/10 19:30

A Keyboard that Press Delete When you Press Enter

2021/11/03 19:30

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