Reality-Bending App ARama!

Copy... Paste... Resize... Just have fun! ARama is the free reality-bending Augmented Reality (AR) application that lets you freely create and edit whimsical and hysterical video clips!


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《ARama!》: The AR Camera Application that Turns People and Objects Around You Into Items to Play With

2020 Disruptive Challenger, BISON (Morishita Makoto)

As part of his challenge, Morishita develops the iOS application'ARama!' Using a machine learning model to estimate the contour and depth of a person in the camera space, 'ARama!' provide a mechanism that allows users to multiply the bodies of people around them one after another and freely place them as objects in AR space. Through 'ARama!', users will be able to encounter interesting and unique visual expressions using their bodies and discover brand new play experiences in AR.  
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