Future Venture Capital

On November 6, Future Venture Capital announced their investment in Magnature, a company developing Halbach motors.

Magnature was established by Professor Minpei Morishita and Professor Emeritus Shuichi Yokoyama of Kogakuin University in March 2019 with the aim of developing practical applications for Halbach motors and commercializing them. Halbach motors are constructed by arranging permanent magnets in a Halbach array to create a strong magnetic field, making it possible to construct motors with excellent efficiency. Without the need for back-iron (or housing), the motor itself is reduced in size and weight, and they anticipate to see it applied in the EV industry that is expected to expand rapidly in the near future as well as "flying cars" and renewable energy production such as wind turbines and micro-hydro-electric turbines.

The company has paved the way towards automation of the manufacturing process which had been one of the obstacles for the mainstream application of Halbach motors and is planning to establish a base for mass-producing upwards of 5,000 motors annually by the year 2022.

Future Venture Capital made the investment through the Robot Manufacturing Startup Support Investment Limited Partnership that they manage. This is the 5th company to receive investment from the Robot Manufacturing Fund.