Trust Smith

Trust Smith announced on November 4 that it developed an algorithm for an obstacle-avoiding arm that uses artificial intelligence, and received a patent for this technology.

Based on a theory of differential geometry called "Riemannian metric," the algorithm allows the arm to approach target objects while avoiding obstacles in the in-between space. It can accurately calculate the position of the arm depending on the distance from and relative velocity or relative acceleration of objects in the space visible from the arm, and allows the arm to arrive at the target object while safely avoiding obstacles even if they are moving. This makes it possible to automate pick-up operations at plants or other facilities that were previously done manually, thereby reducing labor costs and eliminating labor shortages, optimizing data collection and energy consumption, and preventing operation errors and accidents.

The internal structure of Trust Smith is organized as a "lab system," and researchers mainly currently enrolled at or graduated from academic institutions such as the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University engage in the research and development of proprietary algorithms. The company aims to develop a business with a superior level of technology through the invention and implementation of proprietary technologies that cannot be imitated by other companies. The goal of Trust Smith is to realize a society that can operate on the shortest possible paths.