ExaWizards launched “ExaWizards AnyInc,” an AI search engine capable of searching for specific companies, on October 26.

This AI search engine is capable of filtering companies in a given industry by their sales and year of establishment. It is possible to search for companies relevant to one’s aim by entering specific search keywords or terms that are often used for general industrial classifications and product classifications.

This service is expected to be used for operational/service research, the retrieval of lists for sales and marketing purposes, the shortlisting of possible suppliers, conducting financial checks, etc.

The use of AI allows this service to display results that are related to particular search keywords and company characteristics in a format where companies that are most relevant to the search keywords are displayed near the top, which allows even SMEs to avoid getting lost among the results. This will enable users to discover companies that would not have been discovered via approaches used in the past.

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