On October 20, QunaSys began offering a private beta version of QunaSys Qamuy, a cloud service for performing quantum chemistry calculations with quantum computers.

The company aims to be a pioneer in the industrial applications of quantum computers and is developing an algorithm engine for performing quantum chemistry calculations. Since 2019, the company has participated in the planning of "R&D for a next-generation accelerator program," one of the research themes of the Photonics and Quantum Technology for Society 5.0 research and development plan. The plan is part of the Cabinet Office's Cross-Ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP).

The SIP's R&D aims to build platforms that can effectively support next-generation accelerators (Ising computers, NISQ computers, fault-tolerant computers, etc.). Such accelerators will likely become critical computational resources in the future. QunaSys is focusing its efforts on the development of interface technologies and algorithm engines for quantum chemistry calculations.

With the completion of the core of its algorithm engine, QunaSys has begun to offer trial access to its cloud service QunaSys Qamuy in order to obtain feedback for future functional improvements. The service is the world's highest-performing and most function-rich quantum chemistry calculation cloud service for quantum computers. Users can compare the efficiency of various algorithms and see how calculations perform in comparison to traditional computers.

For this fiscal year, a private beta version of the service will be provided to member companies of QPARC, a community for the study of quantum computing applications operated by QunaSys. Furthermore, QunaSys also intends to offer advance access to domestic and foreign companies in the fields of materials, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and automobiles that have already achieved significant results with the use of quantum chemistry calculations.