Innoqua and Aiwell announced on October 20 that they have launched a joint venture to protect the marine environment.

Innoqua is a venture company affiliated with the University of Tokyo. It is currently involved in the R&D and social implementation of "environmental transportation technology" that is capable of reproducing the ecosystem of a specific aquatic environment in a closed environment on land. It had successfully facilitated the artificial fertilization of corals in an experiment performed in a completely closed environment where the water temperature was calibrated to be the same as the sea surface temperature near Okinawa's Kume Island through the use of IoT technology. As Innoqua endeavors to develop a technology to evaluate the well-being of the marine environment in collaboration with research institutes, the company is also engaged in environmental conservation efforts and educational projects alongside private companies.

Aiwell is a venture company affiliated with the Tokyo Institute of Technology. It has established the "Tokyo Institute of Technology / Aiwell AI Proteomics Collaborative Research Cluster" at the Ookayama campus, where the comprehensive protein analysis technology "AI proteomics" is being developed for generic use and social implementation. The company has succeeded in using AI to analyze the data of blood proteins that have been imaged, and this technology is attracting attention as one that can potentially discover conditions immediately prior to their evolution into various diseases and injuries.

Innoqua and Aiwell

This joint R&D venture between Innoqua which is familiar with the marine environment and Aiwell which specializes in protein analysis will serve as a platform for the management of marine conditions and the launch of various projects aimed at achieving Goal 14 "Protecting the riches of our seas" of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), which have been set by the United Nations to promote sustainable development.