Radiotalk announced on October 19 that it has raised approximately 300M JPY (about 2.84M USD). The funds were raised via third-party allotment of capital, with the underwriters being Strive, Gunosy Capital, OLM Ventures, and Monex Ventures.

Radiotalk is the operator of Radiotalk, a voice streaming platform that anyone can immediately use. Streamers can easily start recording and post their recorded audio on social media sites, as well as customize the speed and pitch of their voice. Many communities have been created since the service's launch in August 2017, serving as places where listeners can interact with Radiotalkers (streamers). The current number of monthly active unique users has increased five times compared to last year, making it a growing platform.

Radiotalk has released several functions, such as a live streaming function that allows streamers and listeners to communicate in real-time, a score function capable of visualizing the heat of the streamer and the listeners, and a gift function that allows more direct expressions of emotions and support.

This fundraising aims to expand the business and improve recruitment, further strengthening the system for core fans and streamers to create communities together and providing new voice entertainment.