On October 7, Medical Net announced that it had obtained a patent for a halitosis (bad breath) sensor jointly developed with Okayama University.

Medical Net provides a platform business in the dental care field. The company obtained a patent for a halitosis sensor developed in collaboration with Professor Takuya Matsumoto of Okayama University (Patent No. 6765043). The halitosis sensor system was announced at the 11th Japan Halitosis Conference held in June 2020. The system was announced under the title "Research on the optimization of bad odor capture in sections of the oral cavity." The tip of the sensor is brought close to each individual tooth to measure odor levels.

Currently, Okayama University is conducting research and development with the goal of predicting future diseases by measuring oral hygiene and periodontal disease levels and graphing this data based on diagnostic criteria.

In addition, Medical Net plans to take "presymptomatic testing" and "early detection of disease"—two methods that present lifestyle improvement opportunities—and integrate them with blood tests developed through through joint research with Mirtel, a company that Medical Net has a capital alliance with. In addition to promoting self-medication by informing individuals of their odor level, the company aims to also discover new illnesses and create individualized medical approaches for individuals who are prone to having bad breath.