On October 5, Posiwill announced that they had raised approximately 150 million yen (about $1.42 million) in funding. The underwriter is Strive, an independent venture capital firm.

The company manages POSIWILL CAREER (formerly known as Gekisapo! Career), an online career training service. POSIWILL CAREER is an intensive short-term career training service with "Determine your career by how you want to live." as the brand slogan. The 75-day program (for the Career Fulfillment Plan) includes 10 online interviews and chat support.

The main users are those who are concerned about their careers and who have no idea what they want to do, what they are good at, or how to develop their careers. This program aims to help exactly in this area. As it is a completely online service, it is used by people living in the metropolitan area as well as in rural areas.

The company said the funding will further accelerate its business expansion and recruitment efforts as well as expand its "personal training for careers".