Kansei AI Analytics - Impression Checker

On September 23, Kansei AI announced the renewal of its service for evaluating the sound and impression of its product names. Kansei AI will begin offering it to corporations as Kansei AI Analytics - Impression Checker starting October 1.

Evaluating impressions via questionnaires generally takes several days. However, this process is shortened to an instant one-minute evaluation using Kansei AI's original phonological impression data and AI technology. To get an evaluation, the user can simply select a genre from 22 product categories and enter a product name or keyword. The service is backed by more than 10 years of research at national universities. It is also capable of quantitatively evaluating with 30 scale values optimized for each service classification. Its accuracy is academically recognized and has won an award from the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence.

The service used to only cover naming, such as product names. However, the updated service now evaluates keywords as well, such as catchphrases and advertising copies. The service helps create names and advertising copies capable of appropriately expressing the image of the product the user wants to advertise. Its pricing system is also now based on the number of evaluations, making it easier to use.

The service's fee is 22,000 JPY (approx. 209 USD) per evaluation. There is also a campaign from October 1 to November 30, where new accounts can use the service once for free.