CONVER swing capture`Csc`ver.2.0.0

On September 23, Conver announced that the golf swing analyzer application, "CONVER swing capture`Csc`ver.2.0.0," will start providing services to the general public at CONVER GOLF Lab., which is run by the same company. The service will start on October 9.

When users take a video of their golf swing on their smartphones and send it to a cloud server, the AI converts the video into a video of joint movements. The service offers current swing analysis and lesson comments judged from joint positions and movements.

When using Csc, the AI converts images into joint images without users having to wear sensors on their bodies. It's a motion capture that reenacts joint positions and movements of bodies. Csc distinguishes human body types into Type I and Type II. Type I is visually hard to grasp (when standing upright, the shoulders are not positioned forward), while Type II is the opposite (when standing upright, the shoulders are positioned forward). Type I and Type II have different ways to "convert power," which is important in golf swings, so lessons designed to match the type are provided.

The lessons use AI so that users can access it anytime and anywhere. Also, videos that were shot in the past can be read and converted so that users can learn about the changes in their swings.