On September 16, Kose released the "NAIL HOLIC App," which lets users try out NAIL HOLIC's full lineup of colors right on their smartphones with ease using virtual technology.

This nail try-on app with AR functionality lets users try out whatever color they like by taking pictures of their nails with their smartphone camera. The AR function detects users' nails and then shows a realistic representation of what they would look like painted. It's available for both iOS and Android.

The app was built to address feedback from users saying that the nail colors they spotted on social media and in magazines didn't always match up with how the color ended up looking in reality once they painted their nails with it. This app is the company's debut offering, and the AI learning technology that it uses to recognize nails increases its accuracy the more it's used.

The colors available to try on range from over 200 colors offered by NAIL HOLIC. Users can also try out seasonal offerings, as well as be the first to try new colors before they're released. This smartphone app offers a realistic try-on experience with accurate nail coloring and textures that look just like actual painted nails. It has an "inventory" feature for managing colors that users own, as well as a "favorites" feature, so users can keep track of each and every color directly on the app.

In addition to that, there will be a limited-time only free shipping promotion for purchases made on the "Masion KOSÉ" online store via the the app's try-on screen.