Gloture has started crowdfunding at CAMPFIRE on September 16 for "BCON," a wearable controller. The crowdfunding will end on October 29.

BCON is a gaming wearable for your arm, foot, or head. By using a dedicated socket and wearing it on your hand or foot, you can enter commands just by moving your hand or leg. Depending on the setting, you can imitate the character's gestures to perform deadly moves, etc.

If you wear it on your head, the game will work with your head's movements. In a shooting game, you can set the target. Or in a racing game, you can control the vehicle's movement.

It also has built-in vibration feedback to notify you whenever a command is entered. This makes entering commands accurate. Recommended for battle games like MOBA requiring complicated combined skills, competition games with ranking matches, and shooting games requiring fast physical movement to aim at a target.


Up to 24 keys can be registered (12 keys for the left and right, 12 keys for the front and back). With the dedicated setting software, you can freely register the keys for BCON. The response angle range is also adjustable. It can cover the response range for multiple commands, so they can be pressed simultaneously.


With automatic calibration, you need not change the setting angle even if BCON is attached to your foot while not horizontal. The BCON's orientation also need not be adjusted. The sensor can sample 1,000 times per second to attain highly precise sensitivity.

There is also a feature to prevent mistaken operations with a margin of error. Any movements within ±5 degrees left and right and forward and back will result in no response to commands. The pause function can also temporarily stop the response.


You can check the device status with the LED's color or blinking. Also, for some status notifications, it can respond to English voice instructions from a personal computer.

A Micro USB port is used for charging, and the battery lasts for about six hours during gaming. Supports Windows 10. The BCON and socket measure about 8.2 cm wide, x 2.5 cm thick, and 6 cm high. The weight is about 62 g.