Insight Tech

On September 14, Insight Tech began offering their “Itas Cloud” dashboard that can discover hints for resolving issues from VOC (Voice of Customer) text data, which brings together the opinions of customers and users from a variety of businesses.

Itas Cloud is a data analysis dashboard built on the writing analysis AI “Itas” engine, which uses cutting edge natural language processing technology. This business support tool goes beyond mere visualization of VOC, as its unique framework clarifies the priority of issues, discovering hints for resolving issues that lead to actionable solutions.

This service can resolve issues such as: “I want to figure out how to increase customer satisfaction and word of mouth to improve customer loyalty,” “I want to create actionable priority levels for comments arriving at our contact center,” and “I want to determine why customers are cancelling or leaving and develop plans to counteract this.”

With “Itas” AI analyzing writing using cutting edge natural language processing technology and a unique framework, the priority of issues can be extracted from VOC text data without the need for knowledge of data analysis or any complicated work. The “Fuman Kaitori Center” (discontent buyback center) big data repository of complaint data operated by the same company can also be used.

Utilizing syntax analysis, components such as “What is this in regard to?” and “What type of opinion is this?” can be extracted from VOC text data. This process can be monitored in chronological order, and because it understands opinions through phrases rather than individual words, it becomes possible to notice changes faster than ever.

Itas Cloud

Extract “targets” from opinions, and learn when opinions “change”

Furthermore, similar opinions can be bundled together rather than being built up separately in a lexicon, and this can be shown with a visual map. The types of opinions and their frequencies can be understood at a single glance, and the source text can be viewed with simple clicks, making it possible to glean new insights.

Itas Cloud

“Bundle” similar opinions without building a lexicon, and get a “bird’s eye view”

In addition, the unique emotion-classifying AI is combined with the company’s CRM data to provide qualitative evaluations of the importance of each opinion. By then factoring in the quantity of an opinion, it can discover which issues from the VOC text data should be dealt with first.

Itas Cloud

Combine “quality” and “quantity” of opinions to discover priority issues and move toward actionable solutions

Here are some concrete examples that can be handled: “Free response text data from a customer satisfaction survey or customer questionnaire,” “Inquiry log text data from a contact center,” “Free response text data from an employee satisfaction survey,” and “Review comments text data for products or services.”

Itas Cloud can be used from a web browser. There is no need for system development, and there are no startup costs. Each collection of data has an ID and password for logging in, and the results of the analysis can be seen by simply uploading the data.

Usage fees start at ¥‎250,000 (approximately $2,380) per month for one ID. Usage fees vary depending on factors such as frequency of processing and type of contract.