ANSeeN announced on September 7 that they raised a total of ¥1.08 billion (about $10.17 million) in funding.

AnSeeN is developing a sensor that makes it possible to distinguish the wavelengths of X-rays. These differences in wavelengths (the colors of X-rays), which are not utilized by conventional X-ray imaging, are expected to be used in a variety of applications making it possible to distinguish between materials.

Funds totaling ¥900 million ($8.47 million) were raised through third-party allocation of shares to Cyberdyne and the CEJ Fund, which is managed by a Cyberdyne subsidiary, Environment and Energy Investment, DRONE FUND, Shinkin Capital, and Shizuoka Capital, as well as through a Series B round of financing from the Shoko Chukin Bank and the Hamamatsu Iwata Shinkin Bank. In addition, the project was selected by NEDO as a recipient of a grant of approximately ¥180 million (about $1.7 million).

ANSeeN will use these funds to install a high-volume production facility for ultra-high-resolution X-ray image sensors and X-ray color cameras. The high-volume production system will be established by the end of 2021. A capital alliance with Cyberdyne will also promote the application and commercialization of ultra-high-resolution X-ray color cameras in the cybernics industry.