With “Rimo Voice,” you can transcript an hour of audio in five minutes

Rimo Voice

On September 1, Rimo announced the release of “Rimo Voice,” an AI transcription service specialized in the Japanese language.

It can transcript Japanese naturally, including punctuation marks. Expected uses include making meeting records, conversation records, and making transcriptions of interviews. It can turn an hour of audio into letters in about five minutes.

The company says you can create transcription data by recording audio from a PC/smartphone browser or by uploading an existing audio data.

Rimo Voice

Transcription data gets displayed in an easy to read format of about three to five sentences. Letters are displayed in a light color for parts where transcription was vaguely interpreted. (Here is a transcription data based on an actual interview audio.)

Also, the audio data and the transcription data are linked, and by selecting letters, you can hear the audio of that exact corresponding part. In other features, you can easily share the transcription data with a URL, and the users can fix the transcription data themselves.


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