Care 222

Ushio and Toshiba Lighting & Technology announced the joint development of UV virus inactivation/sterilization equipment usable in environments where people are present on August 26.

Ushio focused on the anti-microbial effects of UV rays, and developed UV technology at the 222 nm wavelength, which is safe for human skin and eyes, to create Care 222, a virus inactivation/sterilization technology which can be used in human-occupied spaces. Care 222 is a UV light source which is safe for the eyes and skin of humans and animals while preserving the inherent virus inactivating and sterilizing abilities of ultraviolet light. Previously, UV virus inactivation/sterilization used ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 254 nm, but direct exposure to the human body was avoided due to the high risk of skin damage, etc.

Toshiba Lighting & Technology has a history in the lighting industry stretching back 130 years, and they have developed a wide range of business areas, including light fixtures for offices, stores, and factories, specialized lighting systems for stages, studios, and airports, as well as industrial lighting such as vehicle-mounted light sources, UV light sources and optical equipment, and infrared heaters.


With no end in sight to the spread of the novel coronavirus, the two companies formed this business partnership to help prevent it by combining their lighting technologies to create safe and secure spaces and environments with light. They aim to provide products and services which will contribute to the creation of safe and secure environments by reducing the risk of infection by viruses and microbes which causes diseases like the novel coronavirus in transportation and commuting spaces like private vehicles, school buses, and crowded trains, and preventing the spread of pandemics in public spaces such as schools, offices, and commercial buildings. They hope to being releasing the products they have developed in January 2021.